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  • 08.03.2013
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Учредители компании
Учредителями компании Servus Systems Integration являются украинская компания System Integration, г. Киев и турецкая компания Servus Bilgisayar A.S., г. Стамбул

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11/19/2012   SSI participated in the international workshop Cartes 2012

On November 6-8th, 2012 international workshop Cartes 2012 took place in France. Aleksey Putylya, Director of sales department with SSI, represented Servus Systems Integration at the event.

Cartes is a unique forum brings together companies that qualify as trend makers of modern technological solutions.

Servus Systems Integration is a leader on the Ukrainian payments market, that’s why special attention was attracted by several issues:

- biometric innovations of the modern equipment,
- NFC technology which from Digital world passed to business realities,
- "transformation" of POS into POI (Point of Interest).

The trends presented by speakers during workshop show that one of the most important ones is a biometric signature of valid electronic documents. Using smart phone or tablet with touch screen, one can generate a unique sample of signature based on inexpressible parameters, such as speed and pressure force. In seconds the authenticity of a signing person is established that is followed by comparison of the new signature with an electronic source code.

Tendencies of development NFC which flow from Digital world to daily realities became interesting issue. Visitors to the event saw how NFC marking can be used for the audit purposes and process of credits delivery. This technology helps improving identity check and convenience of using contactless readers or any NFC adapted smart phone.

The most interesting section of conference for SSI was presentation devoted to the future of payments transition tendency - from POS (Point of Sale) to POI (Point of Interest). Developers try to unify solutions to come up with a multipurpose product that can satisfy all target groups' needs.

Alexey Putylya, commented: «Cash remains in a turnover, but most people use mobile applications for payments. In the next 2-3 years traditional methods of carrying out financial operations will not disappear in Ukraine. As usual, there is a consumer segment that prefers classical technical innovations, but there is also an audience that happily accepts all novelties in the market. Therefore advantage will be on a side of the companies that manage to introduce Value Added Service for the decisions already existing on the market. Modern developers also are guided by those companies so their target is creating a new segment - Point of Interest».

Traditionally workshop set speed on upgrading offered products by Servus Systems Integration, with support of partners VeriFone and Nautilus Hyosung companies, which we will actively introduce on the Ukrainian market.

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