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  • 22.04.2011
 Hypercom обеспечит процесс двухстороннего шифрования для компании Inversiones Platco C. A.

Традиционно, Servus Systems Integration предлагает Вашему вниманию новости о достижениях нашего ведущего партнера компании Hypercom.

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Региональная сеть
Компания Servus Systems Integration обладает самой большой и разветвленной сетью сервисной поддержки на Украине. Стратегический приоритет развития компании - постоянное расширение сети и улучшение качества обслуживания оборудования наших клиентов.

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Тема недели

10/26/2012   SSI participated in the 5th International Conference “Risk management and security of card transactions in CIS and Eastern Europe 2012”

On October 18-19th, 2012 Servus Systems Integration company participated in the 5th international conference «Risk management and security of card transactions in CIS countries and Eastern Europe» which took place in the country GrandAdmiralClub complex.

Conference became one of the priority events for participation as speakers of the occasion presented the review of:

- anti-rogue act fight practice and activity of law enforcement agencies in the EU markets and the CIS;
- examples of identification of internal and external fraud in banks;
- organizations of safety of card business;
- technical safety of card business, including protection of storage and data transmission in PTs, back offices, POS terminal, cash-terminal and ATM networks, PCI DSS requirements, 3D-Secure, E-money;
- joint actions for investigation and counteraction to malefactors risk of managers of the Ukrainian and foreign banks on the interbank Exchane EMA resource.

PBF Group, Servus Systems Integration's partners, for the first time did a presentation to the wide Ukrainian audience. Meanwhile PBF’s security decisions has been successfully functioning in Russia more than 2 years. Alexey Fadeev, Director with PBF Group, and Maxim Batrakov, Finance director with PBF Group, announced statistics of attacks on ATMs in Russia: «Every 40th ATM in Russian Federation exposed to skimming attack». To avoid skimmers' fraud Russian company developed a number of decisions which can be useful for Ukrainian financial institutions, as both markets share the same problem of attacks. As practice shows, for defrauders there are no borders between the countries.

Among decisions which PBF Group presents are:

1. StopSkimmer - defies any skimming attacks on ATMs and self-service financial terminals.
2. SyVision - system for ATMs and Financial Terminals enables video surveillance recording and the subsequent search for videos according to event, thereby increasing the efficiency of video archiving.
3. BoxTR - a router for bank terminal equipment connections.
4. Anti-skimming Card Access - defies any skimming attacks and offers intelligent networked capabilities.

«For SSI company antiskimming decisions are one of the priority products which we offer to our clients. Since August, our company focused on active advance promotion of antiskimming decisions for a wide line of brands and models of ATMs. This offer doesn't demand considerable financial investments and is quite popular among banking institutions», commented Igor Gorodko, Director of Service Department with Servus Systems Integration. «SSI’s plans include signing the contract on exclusive distribution of PBF’s products. It will allow to expand portfolio of offers for our clients and to secure them from a cyber attacks on self-service systems», noted [Alexey Putylya, Director of Sales Department with SSI.

All antiskimming decisions offered by Servus Systems Integration, are multibrand and suitable for a wide model range of ATMs, including ATM of the Korean producer Nautilus Hyosung: MX 5600, MX 5600T, MX 2900, MX 7600, MX 7600T which SSI company actively promotes in the Ukrainian market.

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